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Shipping, Packaging & Delivery Policy

Shipping Origin/Pickup Location:

We are a 100% owned and locally based Jamaican company located at 44a Windward Road, Kingston. All delivery orders are sent from this location. All pickup orders must be collected at this location.

International Shipping:

We do not ship outside of Jamaica at this time.

Shipping Method:

We rely on our own fleet of vehicles to deliver your orders. This ensures maximum quality control while balancing delivery speed and shipping costs. We will initiate multiple attempts to make contact with the delivery destination/customer before a delivery is sent. Actual time for delivery may vary by a few days depending on when an order leaves our facility and factors beyond our control such as vehicular traffics, ZOSO, and weather. If there is an increase in costs, we will always contact you first.

Shipping cost calculation

All prices are inclusive of GCT & Packaging is charged extra. If the shipping cost is applicable, it shall be shown at the time of checkout and consumers will know about this before making payments.

Please see the charges here

Packaging cost calculation

We Procure specialized secondary packaging depending on the nature of the product (Tampered proof bags, Corrugated Boxes, etc), which are given to merchants to ensure no damages in transit. As we procure this, especially for your shipment, we charge a very nominal amount which is included in the Product price.

We will ship your order in one box if the total shipping weight of your order is less than 25kg. The number of boxes your order will be shipped depends on the total shipping weight of your order. Any order that has a total shipping weight of more than 25kg will be shipped in multiple boxes or bags. Usually, we ship orders within an hour before the scheduled delivery time stated on your order.  

Is There a Requirement for Accepting the Delivery?

Yes, the person accepting the delivery must present the delivery order# and be at least 18 years. Please note delivery is made to the address provided by the customer and a contact phone number is mandatory.

What If a Product is Out of Stock during the order fulfillment phase?

If an item is out of stock, we will contact the customer before they check out to ask about a replacement. If the customer does not get a replacement, the item is refunded.

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